Thinkcarer Service update November 2014


Dear colleague,

The icare consortia has been proud to deliver thinkcarer, the Carers’ Mental Health Support Service in Derbyshire and the City of Derby. Working in partnership with many services and the Carers’ Forums we have been able to deliver individual support to carers, training days, awareness raising, involvement at forums and stressbuster sessions and a signposting and information service,

As you may be aware our initial contract was for two years until October 2014 and we have been working with Commissioners to establish how they wished to move forward from this time. We are now in a position to be able to inform you of their decisions.

thinkcarer – Derbyshire County service

The following statement has been given by Derbyshire County Council with regards to the County element of the service:

Derbyshire County Council are pleased to confirm that the Thinkcarer service that supports mental health carers in Derbyshire has been secured for a further year until 30th September 2015. 

The Thinkcarer service has delivered the Carers Mental Health Support Service across Derbyshire and Derby City since 2012.   This service plays a crucial part in recognising and highlighting the valuable role carers have in supporting their loved ones with a mental health problem.  Thinkcarer provide information, assistance and opportunities for carers to ensure that their own health and well-being is maximised. “

We are really pleased to be able to continue this service in the County and look forward to working with mental health carers in Derbyshire during the year ahead.

thinkcarer – City of Derby service

In regards to the thinkcarer contract to deliver the service in the City of Derby the decision has been made by City Commissioners that this service will cease on the 31st December 2014.

However, the support service to City mental health carers is being transferred to and will be provided by Derbyshire Carers Association. We will be doing all we can to work with Derbyshire Carers Association to make the transition as smooth as possible for carers currently using the service. In addition we will be ensuring that all mental health carers have the information they need to access support from Derbyshire Carers Association and their details are provided below. 


Future Carers Services in the City


The City Commissioners have also informed us that the main carers’ contract, for all carers services in the City, will be commissioned in November with a view to the new City Carers’ service to commence on 1st April 2015. Should you have any queries about the future of services that are being commissioned in the city for carers please contact: Jackie Straw Commissioning Manager Derby City Council, The Council House, Corporation Street, Derby DE1 2FS. Telephone 01332 642739.

We would like to take this opportunity to say that we have enjoyed providing the thinkcarer service in Derby over the last two years. We have exceeded our targets and supported well over 400 individual mental health carers in the City. Our involvement with the City and Derby South Mental Health Carers Forum will continue and we look forward to our continued partnership working with Derbyshire Carers Association and the many other stakeholders who have an interest in and provide support to mental health carers in their role.

Our contact details for the County Service remain the same, and are provided below, and we will continue to use our website to provide news and information for all to access.


With thanks and regards

Sinead Dalton

On behalf of the icare consortia



RTC Business Centre

3rd Floor, Kelvin House,

London Road, Derby, DE24 8UP

Telephone: 01332 380224



Derbyshire Carers Association 


Derby Carers Centre, 17 Babington Lane, Derby DE 1TA

Telephone: 01332 200002