Wellbeing at Chatsworth: Celebrating the Cascade

Derbyshire Mind are working in partnership with Chatsworth House Trust to host a selection of our regular Mental Wellbeing Services.

Derbyshire Mind's partnership with Chatsworth House Trust is supporting Chatsworth’s Celebrating the Cascade project, as part of a wider project involving essential research and development work to restore the Grade I listed Cascade, one of the most-loved features at Chatsworth.

What is 'Wellbeing at Chatsworth'?

The Wellbeing at Chatsworth sessions have been created to delight and inspire you. We invite you to enjoy the calm and beauty of nature in the garden and wider landscape. Find balance as you step away from daily routines and pause with us by still and flowing waters. We invite you to open your heart and mind to the environment and connect with our wonderful surroundings.

Wellbeing at Chatsworth sessions are specially designed for people who have a mild to moderate mental health condition such as depression or anxiety, or are experiencing low mood and isolation. All services are for adults living in Derby or Derbyshire who are over the age of 18. You are welcome to bring a friend or someone to support you.

Wellbeing at Chatsworth will run between the months of May to October, the sessions will be hosted by Derbyshire Mind, our partners and the team at Chatsworth.

Each session will run from 10am to 2pm and will include:

  • A meet and greet from the Learning and Engagement Manager at Chatsworth
  • 2 activities relating to the Mental Wellbeing Service
  • Lunch and a chance to chat with our friendly team

Now taking bookings!

Tickets launching:

23rd April 2024 for Green Connections and Movement & Mindfulness.

25th June 2024 for Growing Minds and Sound Minds.

20th August 2024 for Mindful Crafts and MindSpace.

Visit Eventbrite to book your tickets.

May: Green Connections

Tuesday 21 May 2024 10am – 2pm

Green Connections in partnership with Wellness Without Walls, were eco-therapy sessions that focus on the “Five Ways To Wellbeing”. Green Connections ran during 2021 to 2023 at sites across Derbyshire.

During the Green Connections Session at Chatsworth, Nature will invite you to pause and look around you. Nature can help you to feel part of something bigger than you. It can help you to feel calmer and more positive.

Green Connections at Chatsworth will create a retreat-type environment for you to support your mental health and wellbeing by experiencing the many benefits of getting outside, slowing down, and connecting with nature.

We tend to spend a lot of time lost in our thoughts, our worries, ‘to do’ lists and plans for the future. Sometimes it’s difficult to be in the present, to appreciate the now, and focus on just ‘being’ – but nature can help you to do that.

The day at Chatsworth will include many different activities including varying horticultural activities and ‘forest bathing’, we will also focus our time around the peaceful green and blues spaces available at Chatsworth.

June: Movement and Mindfulness

Tuesday 25 June 2024 10am – 2pm

Movement and Mindfulness merges yoga with mindfulness and breath techniques, ran in partnership with local yoga instructors throughout the year.

When we bring Movement and Mindfulness to Chatsworth, you will enjoy the benefits of movement and find solace in being present within a tranquil outdoor space.

There will be an exciting addition to the session, we plan to include a gentle dance class with a difference – no complicated choreography and no right or left – a class fully accessible to all.

We aim to bring a sense of calm and grounding to everyone who joins us, which will help to alleviate stress and anxiety. There are so many beautiful spots around Chatsworth where we can switch off, emerge ourselves in movement and practice our mindfulness.

July: Growing Minds

Tuesday 23 July 2024 10am – 2pm

Growing Minds is an Ecotherapy course which was designed in partnership with Derby County Community Trust. The course ran in the summer of 2023 and we hope to have a regular ecotherapy group up and running in the near future.

By bringing Growing Minds to Chatsworth, we plan to help you de-stress and experience the wellbeing benefits of being green-fingered whilst coming together as a community.

The team from Derby County Community Trust will share with you the benefits of healthy eating, growing your own produce and learning about our ecosystem.

You will be invited to join in with a range of enjoyable and interesting allotment-style activities, centered around resourceful growing, utilising your senses, and connecting with nature.

You will leave at the end of the session feeling more relaxed, having learnt a new skill and feeling able to continue to use the benefits of nature to support your mental health and wellbeing from home.

You will leave at the end of the session feeling more relaxed, having learnt a new skill and feeling able to continue to use the benefits of nature to support your mental health and wellbeing from home.

August: Sound Minds

Tuesday 20 August 2024 10am – 2pm

Sound Minds is an exploration of sound and visual arts and helps you discover the ways we can use music and art to enhance our mental wellbeing. Sounds Mind has been hosted by a student from The University of Derby and has proved to be a very popular group.

When we bring Sound Minds to Chatsworth, the session will consist of music and visual art based activities which are a great opportunity to boost your mood and connect you with others in a supportive and playful musical environment. The session will be based around exploring new and creative ways we can use sound engagement to support our mental wellbeing.

While at Chatsworth we will discover the wonderful sounds of nature together amongst the gardens, woods and water. We will explore the grounds and head through the Rock Garden as we listen out for echoes, chirps, drops and breezes.

September: Mindful Crafts

Tuesday 17 September 2024 10am – 2pm

Mindful Crafts is our friendly and supportive community Craft group which runs in partnership with The QUAD in Derby, the sessions are every other week and everyone is welcome.

When we bring the QUAD team to Chatsworth, they will provide a wonderfully calm and supportive space in which we will be able to explore fun, new and creative activities. We will make the most of the surroundings at Chatsworth to inspire our artwork whilst slowing down, doing Mindful drawing and getting imaginative with different crafts.

There are many benefits of using artwork to express how we are feeling and being at one with nature, this group will also allow you to enjoy the company of others while we have fun!

October: MindSpace

Tuesday 22 October 2024 10am – 2pm

Derbyshire Mind’s MindSpace Walk-and-Talk groups are supportive community groups that create space for us to get together, get some fresh air, meet some new people, in a friendly and inclusive group. MindSpace is one of our longest running Mental Wellbeing Services and takes place at several parks across Derbyshire.

Come join us for a chat and a gentle walk in the beautiful setting of Chatsworth. We will spend the morning strolling around the gardens and woods where we can admire nature’s beauty and enjoy the company of others. We will stop for lunch and then head for a walk above the Cascade to soak in the spectacular views.

MindSpace at Chatsworth will provide a valuable space to talk and for you to be listened to by our compassionate Peer Support Volunteers, who are all trained to listen and create a safe space for you to talk about your situation, but they will not try to ‘fix’. The walk will help you think things through and clear your mind, while getting some gentle exercise and fresh air.

Booking Details:

Please use the Buy Ticket function on Eventbrite to book your space. All sessions are fully funded by Derbyshire Mind: parking and access to the grounds will be included in your booking.

Due to the anticipated popularity of these session, we ask that you do not book more than 2 dates, this allows us to give more people the opportunity to experience the Wellbeing at Chatsworth sessions.

If the event sells out, we will open a waiting list, we will then be in touch if a place becomes available nearer the time. So please keep an eye on your emails.

A Derbyshire Mind team member will be in touch a week before the event starts to make sure you are still available to attend and answer any questions you may have.

Please note: Due to the nature of the funding, we reserve the right to review bookings to ensure they are reaching the people these services are intended for. Please see ‘What is Wellbeing at Chatsworth’ for more details.

Planning for your visit to Chatsworth:

All sessions are fully funded by Derbyshire Mind: parking and access to the grounds will be included in your booking. We will be meeting at the upper garden gate – details of the exact location and tickets will be sent to you nearer the date of the session.

All sessions include tea, coffee and lunch if you choose, you can of course pack your own lunch if you prefer.

Each session will include some walking around the Chatsworth grounds, so please ensure you dress appropriately for the weather on the day.

Contact education@chatsworth.org if you have any questions about access and they will be able to advise you – they can provide a buggy if you have mobility concerns.

We hope you enjoy your day with Derbyshire Mind at Chatsworth.

The Celebrating the Cascade project

The Celebrating the Cascade project at Chatsworth has been made possible by The National Lottery Heritage Fund. Thanks to National Lottery Players the project is working to restore the Cascade, safeguarding it for the enjoyment of future generations and enabling more people to get involved with Chatsworth. Derbyshire Mind have partnered with Chatsworth learning and engagement team to support this project.

You can also visit the  Chatsworth House Trust website to find out more information about the Celebrating the Cascade project. 

Any further questions?

If you have any other questions, please get in touch by emailing community@derbyshiremind.org.uk.