Community Mental Wellbeing Services

Derbyshire Mind’s community services, at their heart, are fun and enjoyable groups that enable you to connect with your local community.

What is Mental Wellbeing?

Your mental wellbeing is about how you’re feeling right now, and how well you can cope with daily life. Our wellbeing can change from moment to moment, day to day, or month to month.

Sometimes it changes because of things that happen to us and sometimes it changes for no reason at all.
It can affect the way we feel about ourselves and others, and about the things we face in our lives. Having good mental wellbeing doesn’t mean you’re always happy or unaffected by your experiences.
But poor mental wellbeing can make it more difficult to cope with daily life.

What are Community Mental Wellbeing Services?

Derbyshire Mind’s community mental wellbeing services are our activities, groups and courses that, at their heart, enable you to connect with a community. This is because we understand the positive impact that being part of a community has on a person’s mental health, wellbeing, and ability to cope.

Our services can look like many things and come in many forms, but our goal is always to provide activities that help you to feel part of a community, boost your mood, enjoy life and improve your mental wellbeing.

Activity Calendar

All of our Enjoying Derbyshire activities and groups are specially designed for people who have a mild to moderate mental health condition such as depression or anxiety, or are experiencing low mood and isolation.


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