Wellbeing Programme

Wellbeing Programme

Derbyshire Mind are pleased to offer an extended menu of one-off sessions and short programmes across Derbyshire and Derby City as part of our Enjoying Derbyshire programme, funded through donations from organisations, individuals and fundraising events.


What is Enjoying Derbyshire?

Enjoying Derbyshire is a project that offers a diverse menu of activities and workshops aimed at improving mental wellbeing.

With many different ways to boost your mood and improve your mental and physical wellbeing it can be hard to know where to start or what to try. That’s why we aim to have a mix of different activities across the county and city with no set a limit on how many you can attend.

On our menu you will find three main categories: Active Wellbeing, Improving Wellbeing and Creative Wellbeing.

Active Wellbeing
Getting active can improve your physical health, mental wellbeing and often makes you feel good.
Active Wellbeing aims to improve general health, raise mood, reduce feelings of stress and reduce the risk of isolation through social interaction opportunities. There are lots of different ways to get active, whatever your fitness level.

Improving Wellbeing
Positive wellbeing looks different for everyone, as there are so many different skills and attributes that contribute to wellness. By enabling smaller changes, longer term and more personal positive transformations can begin to take shape.
Improving Wellbeing aims to equip you with your own personal wellbeing ‘toolkit’. A toolkit that contains the skills and tools that work for you.

Creative Wellbeing
Learning a new skill, getting focussed on a project, or being creatively free can help clear your mind and often be a rewarding process.
Creative Wellbeing aims to improve mood and promote different ways to express yourself creatively. Exploring creative outlets and experiences can also be therapeutic and relaxing for many people.


Who is it for?

All our workshops and events are for adults over the age of 18 who are responsible for themselves, unless stated otherwise.

You are welcome to bring a friend or someone to support you and they are welcome to join in too.


Find out more

To see what’s coming up please visit the List of Upcoming Events page or calendar at the bottom of the home page. www.derbyshiremind.org.uk/events

News and information relating to the Enjoying Derbyshire project can also be found on the news column on the home page. www.derbyshiremind.org.uk/category/derbymind_news

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