Making a Complaint about Derbyshire Mind



Informal Discussion: We will make every effort to listen carefully to anyone who has a complaint and discuss their concerns. The service manager or senior practitioner may be asked to speak with you to help to try and resolve the matter informally.

If the matter is not resolved informally then you should move on to the second stage of the procedure.



A formal complaint in writing should be sent to the appropriate person within Derbyshire Mind – details on who this is can be found by contacting 01332 623732)

The person investigating the complaint will:

  • Respond to you/the complainant within 5 working days. This may only be an acknowledgement of the receipt of the complaint, and may have been made verbally when the complaint was made.
  • Aim to report the findings to you/the complainant and relevant members of staff within four weeks. If it is not possible to do this you/the complainant will be informed of the reasons why extra time is needed.

If you/the complainant is unhappy with the results of this, you/they can ask for the complaint to be referred to the 3rd Stage.



The request should be made in writing to the Chief Executive, or Chair of Derbyshire Mind (as appropriate) Derby West Business Centre, Ashbourne Road, Mackworth, Derby DE22 4NB

On receiving the complaint, the Chief Executive / Chair will decide whether the complaint should proceed to this level. If s/he deems that it should, they will reinvestigate the complaint.



If you/the complainant remains dissatisfied after the 3rd Stage they have the right to go to seek legal redress or direct their complaint to an appropriate ombudsman.

Efforts will be made to suggest who may be able to help and to contact independent advocacy support for this if it is available.

To request a complaint leaflet or a full copy of the Derbyshire Mind complaints procedure: