Derbyshire Mind has a written constitution and clear roles and responsibilities for its Trustees.

Derbyshire Mind meets its legal, financial and charitable responsibilities. The Board meet on a regular basis to oversee these areas and to make any specific recommendations and decisions to ensure the effective and safe delivery of its operations. The Board expect to be provided with accurate and up to date information on all aspects of our organisation. The way in which information is presented to this group varies. It may be by report, inviting an expert to discuss issues, or by a briefing from the Chief Executive. Briefing notes are always circulated in advance and the trustees are also kept informed via regular updates between meetings. The Board has established a Finance and Governance sub committee to further support and inform the leadership and direction of the organisation.

The Chief Executive of Derbyshire Mind (the senior paid worker) keeps the trustees fully briefed on a regular basis. The Chief Executive offers administrative support and advice to ensure trustees are well informed about all aspects of the organisation’s work. The Chief Executive has responsibility for managing the flow of information around the organisation. Information that is generated both internally and externally, ensuring that the appropriate people have access to information that is relevant to their role and function.

Trustees are offered training and development opportunities via specific training events or conferences to enhance their understanding of their role and responsibilities.


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