Safe, lawful and fair fundraising

Some guidance on how to make sure your fundraising is safe, fair, and legal, so you can concentrate on the fun part.

Thank you for choosing to support our services by fundraising ‘in aid of’ Derbyshire Mind.

An ‘in aid of’ fundraiser, as defined by The Code of Fundraising Practice is someone “raising funds but acting independently of the organisation. An organisation will often not know about the volunteer’s acts. This will give volunteer fundraisers control over, and complete responsibility for the fundraising activity. Although the organisation therefore has less control, if fundraising methods are used of which the charity disapproves, action can be taken to prevent the fundraising.”

We have put together some guidance on how to make sure your fundraising is safe, fair, and legal, so you can concentrate on the fun part!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our Fundraising Officer at

  • When Fundraising for Derbyshire Mind, you are fundraising as an independent supporter of Derbyshire Mind, so you should refer to your activity as ‘in aid of’ Derbyshire Mind.


  • We can provide you with a dedicated contact who will be on hand to answer your questions and support you, and we can send you fundraising materials including posters, collection tins, balloons and T-Shirts to help make your activity stand out and look the part. Just get in touch with
    (Derbyshire Mind would be very grateful for the return of any unused fundraising materials so we can use them for other fundraising events)


  • A version of Derbyshire Mind’s logo – the ‘in aid of Derbyshire Mind’ logo – may be provided to individual fundraisers alongside guidance on its use. Derbyshire Mind’s ‘in aid of’ logo should only be used for promotion of fundraising activities (e.g on social media channels, posters, flyers etc.) and should not be used where your fundraising is part of a business fundraising activity. Our logo should not be placed directly on products or packaging being sold in aid of Derbyshire Mind.


  • Derbyshire Mind’s logo should not be used on any social media channels or on any digital platform, including a website, without prior permission from the Fundraising Officer. Any materials or communications displaying this logo should be approved by your contact at Derbyshire Mind first before printing or publishing.


  • Only adults can legally fundraise. If you are under 18, please show this page to your parent or guardian and ask them to register your fundraising on your behalf.


  • Before your activity, we would advise planning a budget. We unfortunately can’t take responsibility for any costs, taxes or expenses incurred or arising in connection with your fundraising activity.


  • When fundraising for Derbyshire Mind, we ask that you are fair and respectful to any attendees, volunteers or members of the public that engage with your activity. Please conduct yourself in a way that will not bring Derbyshire Mind’s name into disrepute. If you are holding an event for us, please make sure you have considered the safeguarding of any children, young people and adults at risk that may be in attendance.


  • Please keep any fundraising non-political and consider speaking to Derbyshire Mind before approaching any celebrities, press or local companies to support your fundraising activity.


  • Any promotional material for your event, (e.g. tickets, posters, online adverts) should clearly state whether all funds raised at the event will go to Mind or whether any money will be used to pay for any costs.
    For example: “50% of the ticket price (£25) will go towards administration of the event and 50% of the ticket price (£25) will be donated to Derbyshire Mind, Registered charity number 1041116.”


  • If you are taking part in an event or challenge in aid of Derbyshire Mind (i.e. organised by yourself), we strongly advise you to consider your own personal safety and ensure you make provisions for this during your event, as we cannot provide logistical or on the day support for individual events/challenges to arrange your own safety protocols.



  • Although we can give you guidance and tips to ensure your fundraising runs smoothly, please note that Derbyshire Mind is not responsible for your fundraising activity, we therefore ask that you do not do anything that could risk a law being broken or endangering yourself or anyone else.


  • Take all reasonable precautions to ensure the wellbeing of your guests, including complying with health and safety, food or drink regulations. Derbyshire Mind cannot accept any responsibility for your event or anyone who participates in it. We advise that all fundraisers consider taking out public liability insurance if your event involves the general public as your event will not be covered by Derbyshire Mind’s insurance if anything were to go wrong.


  • Doing a charity collection is a great way to fundraise, but you need to ensure you have obtained the correct permissions and/or licences before carrying out any public collections, usually these are granted by the local council or landowner. You can review The Code of Fundraising Practice guidelines for more information on this.


  • Where there is real and serious risk to personal safety or potential damage to the brand or reputation of Derbyshire Mind, Derbyshire Mind reserves the right to withdraw all support (including not providing branded materials). In the event of withdrawing our support, we would always communicate the reasons for this.


  • Extra care should be taken if your event involves children. This should include proper adult supervision. You should organise DBS checks for any adults volunteering at your event are to have unsupervised access to children.


  • Some other things to consider when fundraising with children include:
    • Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to purchase raffle tickets.
    • Children under the age of 16 must not take part in public street collections in England and Wales. There are different laws Scotland and Northern Ireland, so please check the Fundraising Regulator’s guidance.
    • If children are photographed at your event, you should seek written permission from their parent or guardian before doing so.


  • Once your fundraising activity has taken place if you have collected any additional money from offline sponsorship or collections, please ensure that you handle the cash considerately.

We advise that you:

  • Have two trusted people present when accessing money and counting it
  • Advise us of any planned expense deductions prior to taking them
  • Once you’ve sent any money to us, sending us an email to let us know at the following email: