Care Act Advocacy Referrals

Referrals for Care Act Advocacy can only be made by Social Care professionals

Who is the Service For?

To be eligible for a Care Act Advocate, the person you are referring must:

  • Have been deemed to have substantial difficulty in engaging in the Care Act process
  • Have no appropriate person to support them in the process

If the answer is yes then please continue with your referral.
If the answer is no to one or both then the person you are referring is not eligible for Care Act advocacy, please see our Community Advocacy Service as they may still be eligible for a non-statutory Community Advocate.

Possible Referral Areas for Care Act advocacy:

  • A needs assessment (under Section 9)
  • A carer’s assessment (under Section 10)
  • Preparation of a care and support plan (under Section 25)
  • A review of a care and support plan (under Section 27)
  • A child’s needs assessment (under Section 58)
  • A child’s carer’s assessment (under Section 60)
  • A safeguarding enquiry or Safeguarding Adult Review (under Section 63)

Make a Referral

If you would like to refer a suitable client or patient to our Care Act Advocacy service please complete the following online Referral Form:

Care Act Advocacy Referral Form

What Happens Next?

After you have completed the referral form, our Advocacy Admin team will be in touch to confirm that this has been received and to provide further information about the next steps.