Paid Representative


The Role of the Paid Representative under DOLS


Once a standard Deprivation of Liberty authorisation has been granted, Supervisory Bodies (Local Authority) must appoint the relevant person’s representative to support and represent the person who has been deprived of their liberty.

The Best Interests Assessor (BIA) will be able, in most cases, to recommend somebody to be the relevant person’s representative (i.e. a family member or friend).

If the BIA is unable to recommend anyone, the Supervisory Body must appoint someone to perform this role in a professional capacity – the Paid Representative.

Derbyshire Mind is contracted by Derbyshire County Council to provide this service to individuals for whom they are responsible as the Supervisory Body.

The role of the Paid Representative is to:


  • Keep in touch with the person regularly
  • Monitor the conditions set out in the DOLS authorisation and make sure that the Managing Authority is abiding by these.
  • Support the person with all matters concerning the DOLS authorisation.
  • Where appropriate, trigger a review of the authorisation.
  • Where appropriate, raise complaints on behalf of the person using the organisations’ complaints procedure.
  • Where appropriate, make an application to the Court of Protection on behalf of the person.


The service is independent and free of charge

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