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Thank you for referring your client to Derbyshire Mind's Supported Self Help Service.

What is it: ‘Supported Self Help’ is Derbyshire Mind’s early intervention guided self-help programme that empowers individuals to improve their mental health using CBT based tools supported by our practitioners.

Who is it for: It is designed for people with mild-moderate symptoms, and people not already under the care of any other mental health services such as CMHT or talking therapy.
Supported Self-Help is not suitable for people in crisis, is it is not a counselling service, and it is only for those aged 18 and over.

What to Expect: Once the referral is received, one of Derbyshire Mind's practitioners will triage the referral and then typically call the client within 3 working days to discuss in more detail what Supported Self help is and isn't, and to figure out if this is a service that is suitable for them.

Any questions please email us at: