Form Submitted!

Thank you for completing a self referral form and expressing your interest in our Supported Self-Help Service at Derbyshire Mind.

Please look out for our phone call within the next 3 working days. It will be from an unknown number. If we miss you we will leave a brief message and then usually try again the next day.
If we are unable to make contact with you after 3 attempts we will discharge you from the service and send you an email explaining that you will need to refer yourself again.

About Supported Self-Help:

What is it: ‘Supported Self-Help’ is Derbyshire Mind’s early intervention programme that empowers you to improve your own mental health using CBT based tools, supported by our friendly practitioners.

Who is it for: It is designed for anyone starting to struggle with mild-moderate mental health symptoms, who are not already under the care of any other mental health services such as CMHT or talking therapy. Supported Self Help is not suitable for people in crisis, is it is not a counselling service, and it is only for those aged 18 and over.

What to expect next: Once we receive your referral, we will read through what you have written and then call you (typically within 3 working days) to discuss in more detail what Supported Self Help is and isn't, and then, together, we will figure out if this is a service that is suitable for you at this time.

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